The Prostitution Act of 2011, officially Law 02 of 2011, is an Allied States federal legislation which legalizes prostitution throughout the country, however give state governments the right to regulate it.


  • Committee: N/A
  • Author: Ted Sergeant
  • Law No.: 02 of 2011
  • Title: Prostitution Act of 2012
Be It Enacted By The Allied States Senate

Whereas recent history has shown that the freedom of each person to act upon his or her own choices needs to be protected, will this law forever protect said freedom in terms of sexual intercourse for personal gain:

Section 1: Establishment of legality

Prostitution, intercourse for monetary gain, sexual service for payment, "whoring" will henceforth be legal within the Allied States of America.

Section 2: Right to regulation

State legislatures may still retain the right of regulating the act of sexual service for payment in terms of obscenity, sexual protection, method of payment or workforce mandatory age. It may however not be declared illegal.

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