Protectorate of England
Flag of England
England seal
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Pax Quæritur Bello
Map England
Capital London
Official languages English
Ethnic groups (2015) White British
British Asian
Black British
Arab British
Demonym English
Government Parliamentary constituent protectorate
• Lord Protector
Elizabeth, Lady of Windsor
• First Minister
Kirk Lester (C)
Legislature Assembly of England
Protectorate of the Commonwealth of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
• Anglo-Saxon settlement
5th–6th century
• Unification
10th century
• Union with Caledonia and Gaul
May 1st, 1699
• Devolution of powers
12th September 1945
• Total
90,023 km2 (34,758 sq mi)
• 2015 estimate
GDP (nominal) 2015 estimate
• Total
$2.68 trillion
• Per capita
Currency Pound sterling (£)
Drives on the left
Calling code +44
Patron saint Saint George

The Protectorate of England more commonly known as England is one of the constituent protectorates of the Commonwealth of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is boarded by Scotland to the north, Wales to the west and Westland to the south. It is the largest country in Britain, and the most populous.

England has been settled since Palaeolithic times, but has since been settled by Celts and Germanic Angles and Saxons. When the Anglo Saxons settled in England, they formed several fiefdoms. England was unified before being split into two separate kingdoms - the kingdoms of England and the kingdom of Westland. In 1066 William of Normandy conquered England. In 1699 England unified with Scotland and France to create Britannia-France, and during the age of discovery England colonised America and Canada. The English language, the Anglican Church, the parliamentary system, and English Common Law all originated in England. England was the first nation to adopt industrialisation with the 1800 Industrial Revolution..

The capital of England is London which is one of the largest urban areas in the world, and contains the special administrative zone of the City of London. England has the largest population in Britannia with 53,012,456 people, with the largest minority population of Britannia (that being British Asians with 3,021,245 people in England alone).

England is considered to be the most powerful of the Protectorates in Britannia. Its unicameral legislature is the Assembly of England which decides on a select amount of matters, and is led by the First Minister. The current party in power is the Assembly of England is the Conservative Party with the first minister being Kirk Lester.


Englands current name can trace its origins to the name "Englaland", meaning land of the Angles.



England as a constituent country of Britain is governed as a parliamentary democracy with its head of state being the Lord Protector Elizabeth, Lady of Windsor. It has limited self governance, having control over environmental, sports, the arts, education, workers rights, economic development and certain laws in England. The central economy, defence, immigration, transportation, foreign policy, agriculture, the welfare state, the constitution, employment, healthcare, housing and broadcasting legislation however is reserved for the central government.


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