Province of South Island
Labeled provinces of Washingtonia.png
Official seal of Province of South Island
Nickname(s): The South.
Country Kingdom of Washingtonia
South Island Act 18 January 1915
Founder Christophe Marklin
Capital Dandridge
 - Type Provincial government
 - Provincial Secretary Pierre J. Lexington
 - Legislature South Island Provincial Legislature
 - Total 4,672,195
 - Demonym Southerner

South Island (officially the Province of South Island, abbr. SI) is the southern and smaller of the two provinces of the Kingdom of Washingtonia, the other being North Island. The Province itself includes three smaller islands within Washington Bay which do not make out part of the geographical South Island. The population of the Province was 4,672,195 at the 2013 census, reaffirming it as the most populous province in the Kingdom. The capital and seat of government of South Island is located in the Republican Building in Dandridge, which is Washingtonia's most populous city and commercial center.

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