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The Provinces of the Southern Cross Republic represents the administrative layer in between the national government and the local municipalities, having the responsibility for matters of subnational or regional importance. The government of each province consists of three major parts: the Provincial Assembly which is the provincial parliament elected every four years, and composed by Deputies. The executive branch exercised by the elected Governor and his or her secretariat. And the judiciary.


The district and the five provinces are listed below with their capital city:

Flags Abbr. Provinces Capitals Area (km²) Population (inhabs.)
(2010 Census)
Density (/km²)
(2010 Census)
Flag of Our Lady of Santana (SCR) ST Santana 72.26 228,326 3,159.78
Flag of New Lusitania (SCR) NL New Lusitania Bastos 5,453.77 246,584 45.21
Flag of Costa Verde (SCR) CV Costa Verde Amarante 5,806.63 220,862 38.04
Flag of Rio Belo (SCR) RB Rio Belo Rio Belo 4,496.14 108,748 24.19
Flag of West Valley (SCR) VO West Valley Porto Claro 5,374.75 54,592 10.16
Flag of Southern Algarves (SCR) AS South Algarve Pontal 12,052.16 97,405 8.08
Flag of Bocanegra (SCR) BN Bocanegra Vinhas 11,997.15 44,849 3.74

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