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--Bona al la encycla lorica.


  1. me (I) (me) (we) (us)[1]
  2. te (you) (you-all)[2]
  3. se (he) (she) (him) (her) (it) (they) (them)[3]
  4. le (that)
  5. la (the) (this)


  1. me daea (we) (us) (daea means group)
  2. te daea (you-all)
  3. se daea (they) (them)
  4. meu (myself) (-u is emphasis)
  5. meu daea (ourselves)
  6. teu (yourself)
  7. teu daea (yourselves)
  8. seu (itself) (himself) (herself)
  9. seu daea (themselves)
  10. meum (my) (our)
  11. me daeum (our)
  12. teum (your)
  13. te daeum (your-all)
  14. seum (their) (its)
  15. se daeum (their-all)
  16. objecta alga (something)
  17. objecta algaae (something (applies to all)
  18. objecta algaau (something (applies to just one)
  19. persona alga (someone)
  20. persona algaae (something (applies to all)
  21. persona algaau (something (applies to just one)
  22. chrona alga or ti alga (sometime)
  23. chrona algaae or ti algaae (sometime (applies to all))
  24. chrona algaau or ti algaau (sometime (applies to just one))
  25. tera alga or to alga (someplace) (somewhere)
  26. tera algaae or to algaae (someplace (applies to all))
  27. tera algaau or to algaau (someplace (applies to just one))
  28. objecta ana (anything)
  29. persona ana (anyone)
  30. chrona ana or ti ana (anytime)
  31. tera ana or to ana (any place) (anywhere)
  32. objecta tota (everything)
  33. persona tota (everyone)
  34. chrona tota or ti tota (every time)
  35. tera tota or to tota (every place) (everywhere)
  36. objecta desana (nothing)
  37. persona desana (no one)
  38. chrona desana or ti desana (no time)
  39. tera desana or to desana (nowhere)


  1. Distinguishing between singular and plural not necessary
  2. Distinguishing between singular and plural not necessary
  3. Distinguishing between singular and plural not necessary

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