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Prusi, Prusai
Total population
Regions with significant population
Prussia 1,070,207
Flag of Poland Poland 605,853
Flag of the United States United States 425,000
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 90,319
Flag of Sweden Sweden 83,654
Flag of Germany Germany 48,237
Flag of Brazil Brazil 47,000
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 29,000
Flag of Australia Australia 27,000
Flag of Russia Russia 25,000
Flag of Ireland Ireland 24,000
Flag of Latvia Latvia 8,913
Other countries 13,000
Athiest (53.6%)
Prussian neopaganism (19.7%),
Protestantism (14.2%),
Roman Catholicism (10.9%)
Related ethnic groups
Latvians, Lithuanians
Kursenieki, Yotvingians

Prussians are the Baltic ethnic group native to Prussia, where they number at more than a million. The majority of Prussians, however, live in other countries, such as the USA, Poland, Lithuania and others.

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