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--Bona al la encycla lorica.


Psion is the guild of the mind; almost all of its spells have to do with the mind, with powers of mind-reading and thought insertion. Its guild headquarters resides in Irisfal, the holy city of temples; it wields enormous influence through the Irisfalian religion due to its mental powers. Concepts such as telepathy, communion with the gods, prayer, these are used by Psion to gain the hearts and minds of the people and convince them in the Lorican gods, especially in major cities. The leaders of the Irisfalian (Lorican) religion are usually masters and above within Psion. Though the guilds know this, it is mostly kept secret from commoners, and those who know it wave it aside, thinking that Psion is merely doing the gods’ work on Lorica. With their spells, Psion can detect liars, and frequently draws on the claim of representing the gods, to dispense justice – though they do this by proving to the world that what they say is real, so they act more as the prosecution or defendant in criminal and civil cases. But Psion is not interested in truth – it is interested in what magic can do with the mind. Hence much of their secret work involves mind control or mental manipulation and psychology; what they do in the open often involves treating mental illnesses. In war it can make people act against their will, steal secrets, and force their enemies to fight on their behalf.

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