The Public Transport Agency controls and regulates all public transport in the UAF and Bentonport. It has five
Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 08.54.41

Logo of the Public Transport Agency

  • National Railways
    • Rural Links
    • Urban Overground
    • Cross Country
  • Underground
  • Buses
  • Benton Bay Metro Services
    • Bentonport Trams
    • Bentonport Monorail
    • Benton Bay Light railway
    • Benton Isles Cable car
  • Dial a Ride
    • Taxi
    • Private Hire
    • Coaches

The management positions of the agency is as follows:

Name Position
Zoe Matthews Managing Director
Oliver Stevenson Cheif Financial Officer
Christopher George Marketing Director
Melissa Howe Director, Railways
Hannah Bishop Director, Underground
Taylor Hussain Director, Buses
Peng Wei Director, Metro Services
Thomas Conway Director, Dial a Ride
Sheng Liao Director, Future Transport
Patrick Hoover Media Director

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