Purple Line
Rockall Purple Line.jpg
Type Intercity and local
System Rockallic Railways
Status operating
Locale Rockallic Federal District, An Uinnia
Terminals An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine hÓ Dhéase
Féichthbhann Ó Dhéase
Stations 14
Opened 1967
Owner Rockallic Railways
Operator(s) Rockallic Railways
Character At-grade, Elevated, Underground
Line length 58 miles
Route map
BSicon uINTa
Ó Dhéase     
BSicon uBHF
Teach na Ruicheall     
BSicon uBHF
Iònnegéadhna hÓ Nuardh     
BSicon uBHF
Iònnegéadhna hÓ Dhéase     
BSicon uINT
Géadhn Ó hOirthear     
BSicon uABZrf
Red Line
BSicon uBHF
Géadhn Ó Dhéase
BSicon uBHF
I nBhá hÓ Nuardh
BSicon uINT
I nBhá hÓ Dhéase
BSicon uBHF
Gáirdhainn na nÚilleacha
BSicon uBHF
BSicon uINT
Gáirdhainn na nBhláitha
BSicon uBHF
Éuimith na Chearraigh
BSicon uBHF
Féichthbhann Ó Dhéase hÓ Nuardh
BSicon uINTe
Féichthbhann Ó Dhéase

The Purple Line (Rockallian: Líne Córchrais), also known as the Bay Line (Líne nan Bhá) is a Rockallic Train Line connecting the west coast of Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine and therefore most of An Uinnia with the Rockallic Federal District, serving mostly the Viscountcy of An Uinnia.



In 2009, the baronetcy of Tir na Fhéichthbhann, the viscountcy of An Uinnia and the city of An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine all passed motions in council expressing the wish for the extension of the Purple Line to the passenger terminals in the Port of An Uinnia. Despite being he most important ferry port of Rockall with four daily international ferry trips as well as an hourly ferry to Aoleoil, there was no direct connection between the ferry terminal and the capital city of Rockall. Instead, bus line 9 for the hourly ferry, or its direct alternative 9L for the four international ferries, could be taken, which would bring passengers to Féichthbhann Ó Dhéase railway station where they could catch a train to An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine hÓ Dhéase railway station. This lack of a direct connection was considered cumbersome, especially for non-motorist ferry-passengers with luggage.

As a response to the passed motions, the Marquessate of Transport and Infrastructure started a feasability study in 2011, concluding it in 2013. In it, it recommended that by 2017, four Intercity trains each day would continue to the ferry terminal to coincide with the arrival/departure times of the international ferries. Additionally, one Stopper train per hour would also continue to the ferry terminal, to coincide with the ferry to Aoleoil. The extension of services meant that the rail line in question, the northernmost cargo line running to the port's "food dock", would need to be prepared for passenger services, and that a brand new station with a direct connection to the ferry terminals needed to be built. The Marquessate sent the study to the baronetcy council of Tir na Fhéichthbhann, the An Uinnia Legislature, and the Commonalty of the City of An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine, which all approved the plans. The plans were sent to the Duke of Rockall in 2014, where it received approval. Construction of the new railway station and preparation of the tracks started in that same year.

The reach of the Purple Line will be extended over the harbour railroads to the passenger terminals, with the first trains arriving at the newly constructed Ceuin na nUinnia railway station in May 2017. With the opening of the railway station, bus line 9F will be decommissioned. The 06:14, 10:44, 14:44 and 18:14 Intercity services as well as the hourly :04 Stopper services will from then on be continuing to the ferry terminals.


The Purple Line follows the Bay Line and connects the towns and baronetcies along the west coast of the Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine with the An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine. It has five intercity stations.

From An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine hÓ Dhéase, the stations the Purple Line calls at are: