A Map of Qualavar

Qualavar is a fantasy world inhabited by several sentient races, none of which are human. Alien species battle through magic and technology to control the sevent continents. Who will triumph?


The major regions of Qualavar are numbered on the map.

  1. Cherubim: Mountainous homeland of the Davians, a race of winged people.
  2. Ragnarok: Freezing homeland of the Thallians, a race of large bear-like gorillas.
  3. Frontier: A grassland region in the north, a battleground between several races.
  4. Sunscale: A long, narrow strip of land that spans the northern and southern hemispheres, and contains various climates and races.
  5. Babel: Tropical homeland of the Rhesians, a sapient monkey-like race.
  6. Gemini: A pair of islands with a temperate climate.
  7. Wilderland: A jagged continent filled with the Krani, a non-sapient dinosaur-like race.
  8. Melmara: A large, tropical continent inhabited by the Mirians, a sapient and highly advanced race.


  • Davians: Natives of Cherubim, these winged people build mighty palaces in the mountains, and occasionally launch aerial raids on other nations, but generally tend to keep to themselves. Most other races are fearful and suspicious of them. Davians are the most skilled in magic.
  • Thallians: Natives of the polar ice caps of Ragnarok, these bear-like gorilla-men build enormous fortresses deep in the mountains, and will defend their freezing homeland with brutal strength. Average males can weigh 360 pounds and are 7 feet tall.
  • Bovians: Natives of the eastern Frontier, these people have humanoid bodies, but the heads of cows and bulls. They had a nomadic culture, roaming the lands and grazing on grass, until the Thallians from the north and the Gloggians from the south brought war to their homeland.
  • Gloggians: A race of short, frog-like people from northern Sunscale who migrated into the Frontier. They typically enjoy drinking.
  • Altans: A race of 12-foot-tall people with the heads of birds. They are native to the southern part of Sunscale.
  • Rhesians: A race of small, monkey-lie people native to the continent of Babel. They are skilled in magic, especially in the ways of healing.
  • Mirians: A race of slender, catlike people with pointed eyes and ears. They are native to the continent of Melmara, and are skilled at sailing and swordplay.

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