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Emirate of Qubahr
Imarat Qubahr (Arabic)
Qubahr flag
Qubahr map - location
Qubahr map v2
Capital (and largest city). Qubahr City
Official languages Arabic
Demonym Qubahri
Government Constitutional monarchy
- From the United Kingdom

August 15 1971
Qubahri rial (pegged with U.S. dollar)

Qubahr, officially the Emirate of Qubahr, is a micro-state and island nation in the Persian Gulf, with the largest island being Qubahr Island. Qubahr is a very rich oil-state with a high HDI and GDP per capita, and has close relations with other Arab oil-states such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE and Oman. It also enjoys good relations with the United States and Europe. Iran lies north of Qubahr, and Qatar and the UAE lie south of Qubahr.

While Qubahr City is the capital and largest city in the country, Bandar is the main sea port, and many ships pass through the Bandar Strait every day.


Early history

In ancient times, Qubahr was part of the Persian Empire, a great empire located in present-day Iran and the bordering nations. At the end of the 7th century, Islam was spread in the entire Arabian region, resulting in the Islamization of the native Arabian pagans. Qubahr accepted Islam as its religion, some people however, didn't convert.

British rule

In 1815, Qubahr signed several treaties with the United Kingdom, giving Qubahr the status as a British protectorate. Qubahr had a very strategic location in the Persian Gulf. The British rule lasted until August 15 1971, where both Qubahr and Bahrain terminated their treaties with the United Kingdom. Qubahr was now a fully independent nation.

Administrative divisions

Qubahr consists of 8 governorates:

Capital Governorate Abu Hassan Governorate Ahriman Governorate


Qubahr Governorate map

Capital: Qubahr City


Abu Hassan Governorate map

Capital: Abu Hassan


Ahriman Governorate map

Capital: Ahriman

Bandar Governorate Sharrah Governorate Raza Governorate


Bandar Governorate map

Capital: Bandar


Sharrah Governorate map

Capital: Sharrah


Raza Governorate map

Capital: Raza

Ummar Governorate Karam Governorate


Ummar Governorate map

Capital: Ummar


Karam Govvernorate map

Capital: Karam

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