Queen Adelia 2

Queen Adelia, 2010

Queen Adelia

Queen Adelia

Adelia Maria Alpedra (born 1970) is the current Queen of Antaria, having been on the throne since 1995.


Adelia was born in 1970 to King Mateus (1948-1995) and Queen Lilia, and was named after Adelia of Alpedra (of the renacita period). Adelia was educated in Antaria and Lana, studying political science. As princess she learned Antarian, Lanean, Vilianès and Faurianu, later learning to speak Hwadarese.

Adelia, as the king' eldest child was the heir to the throne since 1977, when her father took over. But in 1995, King Mateus died from a heart attack, leaving her as the nation's first queen in several centuries.

Under her reign, Adelia has strived to maintain good relations with all nations, increase Antaria's economic/business presence abroad while at the same time pushing for a greater ecologically-beneficial country. Adelia has been one of the most popular Antarian monarchs, and is well feted on Queen's Day (1 July).

Personal life

In 2006 she married Eguin Salamarte, a Faurian-origin architect. They have two children, Princess Aimia (born 2008) and Prince Juan (born 2010).

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