Queen of the Kingdom of Nalatia
Queen of Nalatia
Reign 1 January 1977 - 1 December 1997
Born April 17, 1945 (1945-04-17) (age 72)
Spouse Prince Carlo
Queen Julia

Prince Bartolome
Full name
Marga Ana Maria Magdalene Sapruna
House House of Sapruna
Religion Church of Nalatia

Queen Marga of Nalatia (born April 17, 1945) is a former Queen of Nalatia and a current member of Parliament.


Early life

Queen Marga was born as Marga, Princess of the Great Kingdom of Nalatia, inside the Royal Palace in Gilo. While her birth gained some attention within Nalatia, it was not a major event at the time, as she was not the heiress apparent.


When her father died on November 25, 1956, her brother, Prince Gorgo, was to take the throne (some consider him to be a King of Nalatia briefly from November 25 to December 30, but he was never coronated). However, when the Constitution was adopted, it stated that the royal line of succession would not discriminate against gender. She became Queen on December 31, and was coronated January 1, 1957.

Her policies were very liberal, some even considered her a socialist. She was a member of the Liberal Party (now known as the Margan Party, named after her).

She married Carlo E'Dabo on January 18, 1966.

On October 7, 1995, Queen Marga announced that she had breast cancer. Due to her declining health, she stepped down from the throne on December 1, 1998. Her title was passed on to her daughter Julia, the current Queen of Nalatia.

After the reign

When asked in a January 15, 2000 interview if she regretted stepping down from the throne, she replied, "It was a naïve move, one that I should have given much more thought to. I believe that I am still fit to be Queen... I will, to the best of my ability, continue my activism.

She ran as a Margan Party candidate in 2002 for Parliament for the province of Gilo. She was reelected in 2007.