Well, I was never the kind to take revenge, but I guess we'll be deciding this here and now.

~ Quinlan Bellamy to Tenshi Keramat in Chapter 2: A Knight.

Quinlan Bellamy is a knight and prodigy on Lightning Sagecraft.

Quinlan Bellamy
Title Quinlan the Prodigy
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 9, 2722
Age 21 years old
Affiliation Gautama
Occupation Knight
Relations Qiao Bellamy (grandfather), Glacie Jackson and Fléur de Rose (childhood friends), Mephisto Villes (teacher), Ignis Natus (lover), Ryōra Drachen (rival and comrade)
Status Deceased
Fighting Style Lightning Sagecraft
Techniques Offensive:



First Appearance Chapter 2: A Knight
Last Appearance Chapter 2.5: Another Knight
Theme Song

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