Róbert Ármannsson
Robert armansson
8th Prime Minister of Kobidar
In office
1976 – present
Preceded by Barbara Friðgeirsdóttir
Succeeded by In Office
Personal details
BornOctober 13, 1949
Vaastväk, Kobidar
Political partyPeople's Party of Kobidar
Spouse(s)Gunnhildi Karlisdottir (1982-2004)
ResidenceVaastväk, Kobidar
Alma materUniversity of Oxford
ReligionRoman Catholic
SignatureRobert Armansson signature.png
Róbert Ármannsson the 8th and current Prime Minister of Kobidar. He has had the longest term of any Prime Minister of Kobidar, and is regarded as the best Prime Minister of Kobidar.

Early Life

Róbert Ármannsson was born October 13, 1949 in the city of Vaastväk. His father was renowned Governor Ármann Finnsson. He was raised in a wealthy family, and decided to enroll in the University of Oxford when he turned 18, majoring in Political Studies.

Political Career

Governor of Vaastväk

When Ármannsson's father retired from the position of Governor in 1973, he took over the position by a landslide victory. He was a great Governor, and helped to restore the cultural and historical beauty of Vaastväk. He was also the proprietor of the Ármann Bill, which provided universal healthcare to the citizens of the Lower Pan-Handle Region.

Prime Minister

Ármannsson was elected Prime Minister of Kobidar during the 1975 elections, replacing Barbara Friðgeirsdóttir. He was officially in office January 1, 1976. 

Early Career as Prime Minister

For the first 5 or so years of his term, he fought to have universal healthcare throughout Kobidar, and eventually passed the Ármann Bill throughout Kobidar. He was met with large amounts of criticism, but most receptions of the Bill were positive. 

War of the Pan-Handle

During the War of the Pan-Handle, Ármannsson made it a priority to push out the terrorist group Upplýsta lýðveldið from the town of Rösläsk. When the town was finally reclaimed, Ármannsson declined the idea of the death penalty, and instead sent the entire group to the Tàröfòlðà Maximum Security Prison.

Recent Term

When the economy of Kobidar dropped in 1996, Ármannsson helped create jobs and get the country back on track. He also proposed the idea of building the Jolos Building, which's construction would create a large amount of jobs, as well as the jobs created by the offices in the building. Ármannsson also started the construction of the stilt city Greja, which will create housing for those displaced during the drop. Greja is set to be finished by late 2013.

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