Rāzna National Park (Latgalian: Rāznys Nacilinis Parkas; Couronian: Rāznas Valstinis Park) is one of the 8 national parks in Aestia. It is located in the state of Lotigola and was established in 1996 and covers an area of 812 km². The national park was created to protect Lake Rāzna, the highest mountain of Aestia, Dīvdorzs, and Vaišļi Wood which is one of the two remaining old-growth forest of Aestia and covers 371 km².


Lake Rāzna


Vaišļi Wood

Vaišļi Wood located near the khutor of Vaišļi is one of the two remaining old-growth forests of Aestia, the other one being the Kaugu Birze in Šlītere National Park. The third old-growth forest of Aestia, Ratnieku Vēris was destroyed in World War II. The Vaišļi Wood spans across 371 km² (143 sq mi) and since 1939 it is contained within a separate strict nature reserve.

It is home to approximately 100 European bison which have been reintroduced since 1961. The so-called Aestian Firefly is an endemic species of insects which resemble a cross between the fireflies and the dragonflies. The Aestian Firefly swarm from the wood, which is their breeding site, annually around the time of midsummer and are yet to be classified.

Auru Wood

Auru Wood is a sacred grove in a short distance from the Vaišļi Wood. It features hilly landscape with a number of small lakes and rocks littered all over the wood.

Kaunata Etnographic Open Air Museum


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