Race Wars
Race Wars
Clockwise from top left: U.S. National Guardsman guarding building, riot police during a battle, Black Panthers posing for picture
Date 29 April 1992 - 13 Feburary 2007
Location United States of America
Result Formation of New Afrika
Flag of New Afrika Republic of New Afrika
  • Black Panther Party
  • United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
  • Nation of Islam
  • Bobo Shanti
  • Crips
  • Bloods
  • Black Guerilla Family
  • Black P. Stones
  • Vice Lords
  • United Blood Nation
  • Gangster Disciples
Flag of the United States United States
  • United States armed forces
  • Local & State police
  • Federal agencies (FBI and CIA)

  • Ku Klux Klan
  • White militias
  • Majority of southern white communities
Commanders and leaders
Numerous George W. Bush
Unknown, probably hundreds of thousands 700,000
Casualties and losses
Estimated: Unknown, tens of thousands Estimated: 35-75,000
Civilian casualties: 750,000
The Race Wars were a series of urban uprisings throughout the United States between 1992 and 2007. They started following the beating of Rodney King in Los Angeles in 1992, and ended with the formation of the Republic of New Afrika in 2007. The Race Wars have been called the most violent period in U.S. history since the American Civil War, and memorials deticated to the conflict can be found throughout New Afrika. Most of violence during the wars took place on the East Coast of the United States, and in major cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Jasksonville, Memphis, Savannah. Since the end of the conflict, tens of thousands of those who took part in the conflict now serve in the New Afrikan Armed Forces, and some have even become commanding officers of high regard.



The Race Wars have been celebrated by the black communities all across New Afrika as the realization of their dreams of finally achieving the equality the wanted. However, the failure to actually deal with the angered white communities following the end of the wars lead to a series of insurgencies in the years after.

Days after the "end" of the Wars, the then-Allied States Department of State released a statement condemning the acts and blatant genocide which have occurred in what is now New Afrika. The Presidency immediately stated that it hopes to strengthen relations between the two "new" nations, but demanded the fair treatment of all races.

President George W. Bush, having lost the entire American South, large parts of the American Southwest and the Northern Pacific region, committed suicide a few days after the Wars concluded. New Afrika became the final American nation to secede from the Union in 2007, with only the Northern Coalition following in 2008 (absorbed by New Afrika later that year), and the Allied States expanding until the United States only consisted of Hawaii, in 2011.

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