There are a total of ten races of man in the Known World of Daoine. While there many be other races in undiscovered lands, this article will only cover those belonging to the known world.



The Raum's name comes from the corruption of Re'Om. Re is a prefix that can have connotations of superiority, transcendence, excessiveness, or intensity, depending on the words to which it is prepended. Om means a person or a group of people, or in this case, a race of people. With skin color ranging from a light brown to an almost black hue, this race comes from a land of intense heat and fierce wildlife. They are stronger than the Nord race, and possess much more stamina. They can withstand high temperatures, but are susceptible to the cold.


Meanings 'Golden People' or 'People of Gold,' this eastern race can be identified by their tan skin and single eyelids.



From the word Fionn, which means 'blonde' or 'white,' this race of men is identified by their cream colored skin and their freckles. With hair ranging from blonde to ginger and eyes of blue and green, they are sometimes confused with their Nordic cousins.






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