The 4 major races in Nelàm are Humans, Orcs, Elves and Doxterians. The biggest race is, as for most, humans which also reign most parts of the world.


The humans reing most of the Nelàm World Map. Each human country are independent and can choose their own constitution. Most countries are followers of the Sereò monarchy. Vei Liop, Vei Araiop, Hazaeò, Tuloì, Olèg and Ioèg are in a Vei Ops rule. The Vei Ops rule are most close based on, what would be in our own world communist belief. All that are memebers of the rule doesnt own not any own property. Maybe even so it's less cruel then our communist are. Vei Liop and Vei Araiop carries the name. This is because Li and Arai was once the leaders of these countries (year 4094). They were brothers and family members of the Vei Op family. Their grandgrandgrandgrandmother Bomègi was the creator of the Vei Op government (year 3697).

The queen of the Sereò monarchy was named Crystal Sereò which also lead the defence of the Jakîm attacks. Crystal Sereò wears great respect in the human and also elven people by a fair and kind rule. Former kings and queens have been more war addicts than the Sereò family.


The orcs have always lived in a barbism and probobly always will. The majority believe in the ancient dragons and great warchief leaders. The orcs warchief causes most of the world wars that have ever existed. Each country even so are independent, they are allowed to choose their own form of government. Still all orc countries have choosen warchief leaders in all times. Khâ,Thî and Prô are three famous orc brothers in time. They all have their own country named after them, from where they ruled. They werent very war heroric of themself, maybe the most democractic orc leaders ever. Their father Gruto was also war chieftan over Khâ, Thî and Prô but then falled under the name Gruto. The countries were given to each son. Khâ was the oldest son, and the most intelligence. Prô was very creative and kind, therefore he was given the island. Thî was the youngest brother and only 13 human years old when he was given his own country. They all three ruled fair and made great things for the orc people.


The elves are peaceful people. The biggest war they assisted in is the Lêtam sieges with weapons and armors. It's not mention anything about elves in the little book Nelàm Rekïr except the support. The elvish people in general are very religious, and the majority are populated on the old God islands. Most of the islands are jungle, but there is some major cities.


See Doxteria

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