Radio 1
Radyӧ An
Launched 1959
Network Fӧlksnetzvӧrk
Owned by Government of Westland, Ministry of Public Information
Slogan "Where Music Lives"
Country FlagofPenda Westland
Language FlagofPenda Westlandic
Affiliates Radio 2
Radio 3
Formerly called Radio Westland
Website www.fn.vs/radio1
People's Network Radio One (Westlandic: Fӧlksnetzvӧrk Radyӧ An) also commonly known as Radio 1 is a Westlandic radio station operated by Fӧlksnetzvӧrk (People's Network) which specialises in modern and current popular music and chart hits. It is primarily aimed at the 15-29 age group. It is one of three radio stations operated by the state broadcaster, alongside Radio 2 and Radio 3, which both cater to a generally older audience.

It is broadcast from Fӧlksnetzvӧrk Sentrum in Brikkstö, and it's signal can be recieved across Westland. It is also broadcast worldwide over internet radio, and on Digital Television in Westland and Britannia. Radio 1 has the highest listenership of any radio station in Westland, with an average daily listenership of over 2.5 million daily.



Because of its youth-orientated nature, Radio 1 plays a mix of current songs, both domestically produced Westlandic-language V-pop, which fills up much of its broadcast time, and international imports, most of which are from Europe and North America. However the amount of airtime reserved for foreign produced music is far lower than domestically produced music under the Broadcast Restrictions Act of 1973, which also restricts the amount of commercial music that can be played which has led to longer periods of speech by DJs between songs and features. 

Radio 1 also covers large music festivals and notable concerts, including the Glastö Festival in month of July yearly, and the Victory Day Concert on the 12th of February yearly, broadcasting live from the concert events. 


The station also broadcasts extensive editorials and documentaries which concern the public, and more specifically, the younger generation. Much of these are educational pieces which feature good moral values and civil duties, these are usually produced by the Education Ministry and the Office of Public Information to encourage good conduct of citizens.  

News and Current Affairs

Public Informantion

As per most radio and television channels in Westland, time is put aside for public service and information announcements produced by the Office of Public Information. This includes pro-government propaganda and Public Service announcements, informing the public of upcoming political involvements, such as referendums or elections, alongside any other public obligations.