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Rainbow Nation: The Divide (commonly simply called The Divide) is a 2012 American drama film directed by Javier Leonardi and the sequel to the popular 2011 film, Living in the Rainbow. The film, which takes off immediately after the events of the first film, takes a more impersonal approach to the franchise, following the more political side of the aftermath of the war. The Divide premiered on 25 March 2012 in the Allied States, with the worldwide release on 27 March. Like with the previous film, the name is derived from South Africa's popular nickname: "The Rainbow Nation."


The Van Der Westhuizens are now safe in Cape Town, in the newly formed Republic of Good Hope, which consists of the former Western Province, however, the rest of South Africa is in turmoil. The area immediately North of the Republic of Good Hope is also attempting to secede from the South Africa, under the name of the "Volkstaat" (People's State in English). The people attempting this secession are mainly Boers.

Genocide is continuing throughout the rest of the country, and the Republic of Good Hope, together with the Northern Coalition, are attempting to save noncombatants and stabilize the country. The Coalition navy arrives off the coast of Durban and deploys marines to establish safe-zones for refugees. The South African government, which calls the Coalition movement an invasion of South Africa's sovereignty, starts attacking the marine safe-zones.

Wartime journalist Rebecca Matthews, working for ASA Today, lands with the marines and starts interviewing black and white South Africans. While many blacks believe that the genocide is deserved payback for Apartheid, others feel that just as a brotherhood between black and white people was being established, the government made a bad decision. The white people she interviewed, most of which were conservative Boers, said the genocide has been long-anticipated and are disappointed with the international community for not intervening.

While the Coalition and Good Hope continue to seek a peaceful solution to the situation, Rebecca travels throughout KwaZulu-Natal to find out more about the racial tension between the two ethic groups. At the end of the film, while a solution has not been found, the rest of sub-Saharan Africa is destabilizing due to their dependence on political stability in South Africa.



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