Rajian National Party
Rajítáng Jāāmyoēsárāyūó Pāng
Rajian RARajian JIRajian TARajian NRajian G Rajian JARajian MARajian YORajian SERajian RARajian YURajian O Rajian PARajian NRajian G
Leader Nyan Phyu
Founder U Zaw Nyo
Founded June 13th 1920
Headquarters 8 Rasteyani street, Rangoon
Newspaper Rajian Herald
Youth wing Young Patriotic League
Ideology Nationalism
Economic Liberalism
Political position Right wing
Official colours Green, orange and white
Royal Chamber of Representatives
139 / 418
Council of Ministers
17 / 26

The Rajian National Party (Rajian: Rajítáng Jāāmyoēsárāyūó Pāng; Rajian RARajian JIRajian TARajian NRajian G Rajian JARajian MARajian YORajian SERajian RARajian YURajian O Rajian PARajian NRajian G) is a political party in Rajia. Currently the largest party in Rajia holding the largest share of the seats within the Royal Chamber of Representatives, the RJP are along with the People's Democratic and Socialist Workers' Party is one of the biggest parties in Rajia. Its leader is Nyan Phyu, the current First Minister. It has also been one of the most successful ruling parties in the world, only losing power in the general elections of 1956, 1972, 1994 and 2006.

The RJP was founded by former military officer and scholar U Zaw Nyo in 1920. In 1923 it led the 1923 Rajian coup d'état with Zaw Nyo ruling the country as it's de facto dictator until 1945 when he was ousted at the offset of the Rajian Civil War. Until 1978 the RJP alongside the People's Democratic Party was part of a two-party system with its support being rooted in ethnic Rajians, and as such advocated for ethno-nationalist policies in an autocratic framework. The party after 1947 became dominated by the Nyan Dynasty, a political family that retains several business interests (mainly in the oil sector). However since the end of the Cold War the RJP went through a period of modernisation especially under leader Nyan Kya, who emphasised civic nationalism over the RJP's previous ethnic variant. In the 2014 election the RJP gained another majority government after 8 years in opposition under the more ethno-nationalist Nyan Phyu.

The RJP brand themselves as a right wing nationalist party that promotes economic liberalism. Some critics state they are a far right fascist party appealing solely to the majority Rajian population and often suppressing the rights of minorities in Rajia, most prominently the Muslim population in Vishui. The RJP have also been criticised over allegations of embezzlement, corruption and electoral fraud.



Political positions




  • Oppose same-sex marriage.
  • Greater security measures to be implemented against terrorism.
  • Anti-corruption policies.
  • Oppose abortion.
  • Advocate traditional family values.
  • Halt the Islamisation of Rajia.
  • Support native Rajian workers over immigration.


Election results