Randall I
File:Randall I Washington.png
King of Washingtonia
Reign 29 April 2009 - present
Coronation 6 May 2009
Predecessor George IV
Born 29 April 1978
Foundersville, North Island
Spouse Christina, Queen Consort
Issue John
Full name
Randall George Brandon Washington
House House of Washington
Father George IV
Mother Darlene

Randall I Washington (born Randall George Brandon Washington, 29 April 1978) is the reigning King of Washingtonia. On 29 April 2009, his birthday, his father, George IV abdicated at the age of 62, making Randall the seventh King of Washingtonia. He has one brother, Prince Carl, and one sister, Princess Christelle. John II Washington is the current heir apparent and the King's first and only son.

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