The Realm of Wessex (Wessen - Wessic Rælme) refers to the group of territories under the sovereignity of Wessex. Currently, this cosnsists of Wessex and it's dependent territories, regained following its conquest by England in 1532, and independence from the United Kingdom in 1806. The term is often mistakenly used synonymously with Wessophone, which refers to nations where Wessen is the predominant language, such as Newfoundland

Areas of the Realm

Realm Area Head of State Head of Government Capital Population Location
Wessexflag Wessex Monarch Jylpmīnnod Bristol 6,559,370 Western Europe
FlagofTheChannelIslands2 copyChannel Islands Monarch Chief Executive Porte Hellier 163,857 Western Europe
FlagofEthelredHath Ethelred and Mikwelon Monarch Chief Executive Hath Ethelred 5,774 North America
FlagofPenda Penda Islands Monarch Chief Executive Pendaburgh 13,091 North America

Politics in the Realm

Role of the Monach

The Monarch of Wessex, is the ceremonial head of state for all members of the Realm of Wessex. The Monarch is the figurehead of those of Wessen ethnicity internationally. The current Monarch of Wessex is Dafid the Younger

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is the Head of Government for each of the dependent territories of Wessex. Each Chief Executive is directly elected by the public of the territory, every 4 years. Each Chief Executive presides over the Legislative Assemblies of each of the territories. 

Legislative Assembly

Each territory has a Legislative Assembly (Legislata Witan) which consists of a varying number of independent representatives form the elective constituencies of the territories. Each representative is elected every 4 years when the Chief Executive is elected. Assembly members have the power to pass local laws under their jurisdiction, and propose bills. 

Direct Democracy

Direct Democracy applies in all areas of the realm. However in the territories, Direct Democracy applies only to ones local Legislative Assembly. Civil Referendums and other types of direct democracy, must be submitted the ones local legislative assembly. Those who reside in a territory, cannot submit a referndum to the Witanegmot, whilst they are still regarded as Wessen citizens. 

Foreign Relations and Defence

The Foreign Policy and Defence of the territories of the realm is looked after by Wessex. The dependent territories of Wessex are seen as part of Wessex, and therefore can justify having Self Defence Force presence. The Foreign Policy is handled by the Foreign Office of Wessex, for both Wessex and it's Territories.

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