Red Line
Rockall Red Line.jpg
Type Local
System Rockallic Railways
Status operating
Locale Rockallic Federal District
Stations 14
Opened 1965
Owner Rockallic Railways
Operator(s) Rockallic Railways
Character At-grade, Elevated, Underground
Line length 56 miles
Route map
BSicon uINT
Stáition Céintrall                 
BSicon uBHF
BSicon uBHF
Méasa na Déarnuiardh Ó Nuarth         
BSicon uABZlf
Orange Line
BSicon uBHF
Méasa na Déarnuiardh Ó Duach     
BSicon uABZlf
Eastern Blue Line Line
BSicon uBHF
BSicon uINT
Ó Dhéase     
BSicon uBHF
Teach na Ruicheall     
BSicon uBHF
Iònnegéadhna hÓ Nuardh     
BSicon uBHF
Iònnegéadhna hÓ Dhéase     
BSicon uINT
Géadhn Ó hOirthear     
BSicon uABZlf
Purple Line
BSicon uABZlf
Yellow Line
BSicon uABZlf
Blue Western Line
BSicon uINT
Géadhn Ó Nuardh         
BSicon uBHF
Iònnegéadhna hÓ Siar         
BSicon uBHF
An Iméallean na nCháteair         
BSicon uBHF
Sríad na hIòbhanna         
BSicon uINT
Stáition Céintrall                 

The Red Line (Rockallian: Líne Dhearg, Fernolian: Line Dùinnaig), also known as the Circle Line (Líne Ciorchall, Line Cùirchoil) is a Rockallic train line serving the capital city of An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine and the Rockallic Federal District. It runs through all of the Federal District's baronies except for Fóiresta hÁirda and Méasa. The latter is however served by the Orange Line.


The Red Line serves the Rockallic Federal District in the form of a circle route, serving 14 stations in total including the District's two main stations, Central Station and Ó Dhéase.

For most of the day, trains leave every ten minutes. The only exception is between midnight and 6 a.m., where trains leave every half hour. The red line goes both clockwise and counterclockwise. Trains take an hour to complete the whole track.

The Red Line provides Stopper services only.


Platform and train announcements are provided first in Rockallian followed by Fernolian for all but two of the Red Line's stations. At Méasa na Déarnuiardh Ó Nuarth and Méasa na Déarnuiardh Ó Duach, Fernolian comes first and Rockallian second.


In 1955, the Legislature of the Rockallic Federal District expressed the desire to have a city metro. This desire was partially fueled by the fact that An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine was the only city in Europe with more than a million inhabitants that did not yet have a metro system. A Viscountcial Commission was created to look into the possibilities for the creation of such a metro system.

In 1957, the Viscountcial Commission found that an S-bahn style system with electrification was the best option for the District. Construction of the Métro nan Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine started in the same year.

The initial plan featured a total of 16 stations, however, the train stations Méasa na Déarnuiardh and An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine Léacheannelochián Ó Siar were scrapped from the final plans to be able to maintain an exactly one-hour long completion of the whole track. An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine Léacheannelochián Ó hOirthear survived into the final plans as An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine Léacheannelochián.

Construction of the rail tracks, including the viaducts and tunnels, was finished in 1963. The 14 stations were finished in 1964.

In 1987, after the opening of the rest of Rockall's train lines, the decision was made by the Earldom to add the Metro to the national rail network as the Red Line. The train line had been referred to as the Red Line ever since its start due to the red colour of the material.

Historic material

The District collaborated with the Netherlands Railways to create Mat '64 electric trains, which started serving the Metro in 1965. These trains were painted completely red, which earned the Metro the nickname of The Red Line long before its annexation into the national rail network.

In 2001, the Rockallic National Railways decided that the Mat '64 trains should be replaced, together with the overall modernisation and upgrading of the national train network. In 2004, the Mat '64 trains were gradually replaced with Stadler FLIRTs, and by 2006 all Mat '64 trains were officially retired.


There are plans to transform the Red Line into a metro line by 2022, with a number of new stations to be created. The new stations will be, clockwise from Stáition Céintrall:

  • Stáidh an Róige
  • Óidhreagh
  • the present Léacheannelochián railway station
  • the present Méasa na Déarnuiardh Ó Nuarth railway station
  • Nuardhdhéarnuiardh
  • Fermùirtir
  • the present Méasa na Déarnuiardh Ó Duach railway station
  • Óirndéarnuiardh
  • Aignafaoreoise
  • the present Crannchóiste railway station
  • Láimh
  • the present Ó Dhéase railway station
  • Old City
  • the present Teach na Ruicheall railway station
  • the present Iònnegéadhna hÓ Nuardh railway station
  • Ellegéadhna
  • the present Iònnegéadhna hÓ Dhéase railway station
  • the present Géadhn Ó hOirthear railway station
  • Cháiseid
  • the present Géadhn Ó Nuardh railway station
  • the present Iònnegéadhna Ó Siar railway station
  • Méaidhn 's Laula
  • the present An Iméallean na nCháitear railway station
  • Iònnáid nan Cháitear
  • the present Sríad na hIòbhanna railway station.

There are an additional number of stations that are planned to be added once the plans for an An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine metro are approved by the Rockallic Federal District.


Red Line FLIRT

A Red Line train in the District's Train Lot.

The Red Line is served by Stadler FLIRT trains, which are electric multiple unit commuter trains produced by Stadler Rail. Each train consists of five coaches and provides seating for 344 commuters. These trains have been nicknamed Uhura, after the red-clad communications officer of the starship Starship Enterprise from the Star Trek series.

Due to the length of the train stations it is only possible to connect to trains two each other at maximum. These trains, consisting of 10 coaches and providing seating places for 688 travellers, are colloquially referred to as Meuibhreighuhurana, "extreme Uhuras".

There are a total of 30 Uhurana, of which between 4 and 24 can be found on the track at any time.

Colour scheme

The colour scheme of the Red Line consists of red, black, and white.

The main body of the train consists of a horizontally central black line covering half of the horizontal area of the train, fimbrillated by two stretches of red on both upper and lower sides, which are one-fourth the height of the black stretch. The lower part of the train is coloured black, whilst the upper part and the front side of the train are coloured white. The driver's window is surrounded by black and red.


The Red Line runs along the District Line in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, calling at all 14 stations. It is the only train line in Rockall not to provide intercity services.

Clockwise, starting north, the stations that the Red Line calls at are: