Redrock County

Official Flag

Nickname : the Old County, Conservative Heartland, Rocky
Motto : Freedom or death

Official languages : English,

Spanish (minority)

Demonym : Redrocker or Redrocky
Capital : Cactusville
Largest town : Sherman Creek

Sheriff : Buck Jones (F)

Deputy Sheriff  : Samantha Kenny (F)

Legislature : Redrock County Council
Population : 562 481

Redrock County is the largest county of the Republic of Eldorado. It's located in the western region of the country called the West Country.

Redrock is a very arid mountainous desert famous for its gold mines and farms. Very scarsely populated for its size, the main settlements are Cactusville and Sherman Creek.

Nicknamed the Conservative Heartland of Eldorado, most of the inhabitants are very conservative farmers. Inhabitants of Redrock are called Redrockers. Redrockers enjoy a strong cultural identity, they're proud of their county more than they are of Eldorado and like doing things differently from the rest of the country.


Typical Redrocky landscape

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