The Reeducation and Reintegration Bureau is a confederate-level agency of the Southern African Confederacy government tasked with assisting the former Hurian populations of Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique with reentering society. It was founded in August 2012 after Huria was disbanded and the SAC absorbed the entirety of the aforementioned sectors of Huria. Millions of former Hurians are also pouring into the Confederacy, and thus are also admitted to the RRB program. The current Director of Reeducation and Reintegration is Alile Sibale, known for her work as a psychologist in South Angola. The RRB program is supported by confederate province-level departments/ministries of education.

RRB camps were established to hold the Hurians for the duration of the process, where they take several Western leadership courses, see psychologists and relearn global history from another perspective. They are also taught about the atrocities committed by Huria and its allies since its foundation. Several critics have said the RRB program to be a concentration camp-like project, however, the SAC government has stated that although people are committed unwillingly, they are treated humanely and have good living conditions. The Red Cross as well as the Human Rights Watch have been granted liaisons and offices at any camps they wish to monitor the process. Thus far, no violations of human rights have been recorded.

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