Regions of Frecia

Frecia is divide by 4 administrative and non historic and cultural regions. This subdivision was aproved in 1878 after the Second Union War. Ich region y the group of provinces, prefectures and municipalities.


Region is most commonly a term used in terrestrial sciences and astrophysics. Among the different sub-disciplines of geography it is an area studied by regional geographers. Regions consist of subregions that contain clusters of like areas that are distinctive by their uniformity of description based on a range of statistical data, for example demographic, and locales.

In the field of political geography regions tend to be based on political units such as sovereign states; subnational units such as provinces, counties, townships, territories, etc.; and multinational groupings, including formally defined units such as the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and NATO, as well as informally defined regions such as the Third World, Western Europe, and the Middle East.

List of the regions

The Republic of Frecia have 4 regions:

# Name Provinces Prefectures Municipalities Area km2 Population Capital
1 Flag of South Region Frecia South 3 14 236 93337,79 10876476 Kalmakä
2 Flag of East Coast Region Frecia East Coast 3 8 152 145928,85 3603295 Zargas
3 Flag of West Coast Region Frecia West Coast 3 7 219 205595,07 2770989 Panazos
4 Flag of Highlands Region Frecia Highlands 2 7 113 116238,12 2340401 Ticismikis

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