Renala is a universe created by the Big Bang, along with our universe. Apart from a few differences, Renala is very simalar to our own universe.



Main Article: Loreon (Renala) Loreon is a planet approximately 3/5 the size of earth. Unlike most other planets, Loreon has life.




The amount of gravity per mass is only 5/8 in Renala of what is is in real life, making it much more difficult for larger planets to form. This also causes the star lifespan to be significantly longer, but also gear easing the star formation rate.

Relativistic Matter/Energy Exchange

E is equal to 1/2 MC 2, which makes nuclear energy much less plausible and a larger amount of matter to exist.



Lack of a Dark Age

There was no equivalent of a dark age in Loreon, setting the inhabitants hundreds of years ahead.

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