Republic of Greater East Asia
Republic of Greater East Asia
Flag of PR China
200px-China Emblem PLA.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Freedom is Slavery
Anthem: idk
Federal City Beijing, China
Largest city Tokyo, Japan
Official languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese
Recognised regional languages English
Demonym East Asian
• President
Mao Nays
Legislature Totalitarian State
• Census
Currency East Asian yuan
• Summer (DST)
Not Observed (UTC{{{utc_offset_DST}}})
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the right
The Republic of Greater East Asia is a large totaltarian nation located in eastern Asia. It encompasses the nations of Indochina, China, Japan, Korea and parts of Russia, along with various pacific dependencies. It is the world's largest economy, just ahead of the European Federation.

Government and Policies

RGEA is a military dictatorship with many unusual policies ranging from the typical, such as hangings, firing squads and beatings to things like public humilliaton.


The school system in RGEA is designed to program students into conforming into society. Students are required to wear specific uniforms and adhere to a daily routine of lessons. Physical punishments of students such as corporal punishment and even the ocassional beating are not uncommon.


The economy of RGEA is driven by factory workers, farmers and military personell. When people reach a certain age, they are assigned a job and relocated to the regions best suited for those jobs.