Republic of Maryland
Flag of the Republic of Maryland N/A
Flag Seal
Location of the Republic of Maryland
Location of Maryland
National motto: Liberty for Africa
National anthem: All Hail to the Realm of the Free
Largest city
District of Monrovia
Official language English
Demonym Marylandian
- President
- Vice President
Federal presidential republic
Mindy Leavenworth
Bruce Benton
Legislature Congress
Formation 27 May 1998 (annexation of Sierra Leone by Liberia)
3 September 2003 (establishment of Maryland)
Population 10,318,852
Currency Dollar
Drives on Right

The Second Republic of Maryland (commonly Maryland or Maryland in Africa) is a presidential federation in West Africa. It is bordered by the Ivory Coast to the east, Guinea to the north and west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. Maryland consists of 29 federated territories divided into 2 regions, namely Sierra Leone and Liberia (which are also the predecessors to the current state). Maryland takes its name from the U.S. State of Maryland, from which freed slaves under the banner of the Maryland Colonization Society settled the area in and around Cape Palmas, in 1834. Historic Maryland existed only briefly, from 1834 (as Maryland-in-Africa) to 1841 (as the State of Maryland) to 1854, when it declared itself the Republic of Maryland, and subsequently was incorporated into Liberia in 1857.

After more than 100 years of nonexistence, wherein Liberia annexed neighboring Sierra Leone during the latter's civil war, the Republic of Maryland came about once more on 3 September 2003, shortly after Liberian President Charles Taylor was forced to resign his position after a coup d'etat led by American-born Vietnam veteran Bruce Benton succeeded in bringing down his government. Benton as Acting President swore "to bring true liberal democracy" to the country (still known as Liberia), however during his short term as absolute dictator, stated he needed to reconcile the errors and injustices of the past. Along with his protege, current President Mindy Leavenworth, the country was renamed to the Second Republic of Maryland (Republic of Maryland is also officially accepted) and a constitution almost directly mirroring the United States Constitution was created.

Maryland then held its first election under the new constitution in June 2004, with the government allowing any international observers to monitor the process. Benton's protege, Mindy Leavenworth, ran for office opposing a Sierra Leonean and a Liberian, both popular in their respective regions. Leavenworth however won the election by a very small margin, largely due to Benton and her successes during the short-lived absolutist era. Her opponents in the election went on to become the Governors General of their respective regions as per the constitution. Today, Maryland is characterized as one of the most successful African democracies, and has repeatedly won first place in terms of free speech and liberty.