Republic of New Catalonia

Flag of New Catalonia Coat of Arms of New Catalonia
Flag of New Catalonia Coat of Arms of New Catalonia
Location of New Catalonia
Location of New Catalonia
Motto: '
Anthem: '
(and largest city)
Bahía Blanca
Official language Catalan
Ethinic groups 62% Catalan, 32% Others
Demonym Nous Catalans
Legislature N/A
- Discovery
- Independence

1601 AD
1 December 1790
- Total

- Water (%)

16,664 km²
10,354 sq mi
- 2013 estimate
- 2012 census
- Density

386.15/sq mi
Gini (2012) 58.2 (very high)
HDI (2012) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.932 (very high)
Sal (S) (RPA)
Time Zone UTC -3
Date formats mm-dd-yyyy (CE)
Drive on the right
Internet TLD .ncat
Calling code
The Republic of New Catalonia (Catalan: República de la Nova Catalunya) is an island nation situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The nation is composed of several islands, though La Catalana is the largest of them, and the principal island of New Catalonia.

Catalonian explorer Joan Damlau named it "New Catalonia", the name Catalonia later on going on to becoming the name of nation. Eventually, the name "New Catalonia" came to be applied to La Catalana and its surrounding islands. The largest settlement and capital city on La Catalana is Bahía Blanca, the capital city of New Catalonia. Locals refer to La Catalana as "La Gran", or "the biggest" in the language of the country.

La Catalana, "the main island", is oriented northwest-to-southeast and is 16,640 square kilometers. It is 350 kilometers in length and 50 to 70 kilometers wide in most places. A mountain range runs the length of the island, with five peaks over 3,000 meters. The highest point is Montalt at 3,198 meters elevation.


Discovery of La Catalana 1601

The first land seen was the coast of the present city of Elparais "the paradise" in approximately 14 April 1601. Discovered by Joan Dalmau and other sailors aboard his vessel. The first The first settlements were made until 1625 with the creation of Colònia de La Nova Catalunya or in catalan Colony of New Catalonia.

Colonial era 1625 to 1710

The first settlement was established in Elparais the paradise with settlers that came from Catalonia and France. Elparais was founded in 1625. The opression in Catalonia was grown and many people decided to emigrate to the new island. During this era the island grew from 5,000 inhabitants in 1629 to over 50,000 in 1711.

Revolution era 1711 to 1767

After Siege of Barcelona and other sites in Catalonia living the was unbearable and many people emigrated to New Catalonia.

See also

Independence 1767 to 1790

Modern history

World wars



The Republic of New Catalonia is an island nation composed by the main island La Catalana and small islands around it.

Administrative division

The Republic of New Catalonia is is divided into:

  1. provinces .The provinces grouped counties.
  2. counties. The provinces grouped municipalities.
  3. municipalities. The municipalities sometimes grouped districts.
  4. districts. The district is official only at the municipal level.



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