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Republic of Norman
Batu Sek Normanu Vod
[[ ]]

[[ ]]

Flag Emblem
Capital. Gruz Normanu
Official languages Normanese
 - President
 - Prime Minister
Korman Talek
Ben Omonisk
Independencec. 18th century
 - Total

507,483 km²
 - 2009 estimate
 - Density

Normanese Kable

The Republic of Norman is a country in Central Asia.


Though not part of the former Soviet Union, Norman was a Soviet ally, and was led by a Communist government from 1924 until 1991, when it entered a period of relative prosperity and democracy. In 2003, the country erupted into civil war after a coup by extremists that killed President Evan Rowlands, part of the English-speaking Caucasian minority, and established a military dictatorship. The civil war formally ended in 2004 with the intervention of troops from Saydney and Georgeland and the signing of the 10 point Norman Cease Fire Agreement. Troops from 17 countries are stationed in Norman as part of a peacekeeping exercise. Norman has large gold deposits in the mountains. The capital is Gruz Normanu.

In 2004 a new government was elected under a new Constitution.

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