Social Republic of North America
Republic of North America
North American FLAG
Coat of Arms of Allied Canada
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Motto? Pfft.
Anthem: None Officially
Metropolitan Administrative City Calgary, Alberta
Largest city Los Angeles, California
Official languages English, French, Spanish
Recognised regional languages Cree, Athabaskan
Ethnic groups British, French, Spanish
Demonym North American
• President
Tyler Barr
• Vice President
Slim Jim
Legislature Social Democracy
• Census
Currency North American Dollar
• Summer (DST)
Not Observed (UTC{{{utc_offset_DST}}})
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the right
The republic of North America is a large republic encompassing the entirety of the continent of North America. It is known for it's luxurious tropical resorts and magestic mountains. It is allied with the european confederation and the Oceanian Empire. Despite being largely left-wing in politics, there is a high standard of living and democracy within the state.


See Government of North America.

The government of North America is similar to OTL's United States Congress, minus the corruption. Most government representitives maintain a socialist ideal. North America is a democratic-socialist society.


The economy of North America is driven by tourism and exports. North America has some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet. It ranks #3 globally for highest GDP. North America has a very high tax rate of 17% to fund the many social programs that benefit the people of the nation.


Education is mandatory in North America, however students have a much higher amount of freedoms compared to OTL western schools. Education focuses on specialization and does not teach things that are irrelevent in real life situations. School starts at 9 years of age and ends at 19. College and Universities are free due to the amount of subsidies.