Republic of Prussia
Republik von Preußen
Flag of Prussia
Coat of arms of Prussia
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "Arbeit. Land. Familie." (German)
"Work. Country. Family." (English)
Anthem: Es lebe Preußen
Long Live Prussia (English)
Atlas of Prussia
and largest city
Official languages German
Demonym Prussian
Government Federal parliamentary republic
• President
Hans Koffmann
• Prime Minister
Joseph Zimmer
Independence from the Weimar Republic
• Independence declared
June 7, 1928
• End of the German Wars
December 15, 1933
• Independence recognized
December 17, 1933
Currency Prussian Mark
Drives on the right
Calling code +49
Internet TLD .pr

The Republic of Prussia (German: Republik von Preußen) is a unitary parliamentary republic located in Europe. Formed after the German Wars, it gained independence from the ill-formed Weimar Republic in 1933.