Republic of Tomares
República de Tomares
Tomares Flag
Tomares Location
Location of Tomares
Official Language(s): English, Spanish
National Language(s): None (Native languages prohibited)
Demonym: Tomaran
Ethnic Groups: 45% White

19% Mestizo
15% Black
12% Pacific Islander
9% Others

 - President:
 - Premier:
 - Legislature:
Unitary parliamentary republic
Indira Banerjee
Anna Van Buren
 - Total:
 - Land:
 - Water(%):

587,041 km2
298,170 km2
 - Total Population:
 - Density:

Currency: US Dollar ($)

The Republic of Tomares, known as República de Tomares is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean. The island is highly developed and one of the least dense sovereign states in the world, with a population of little more than 12 million.

The republic is a parliamentary democracy whereby the cabinet is headed by the Premier, currently Anna Van Buren, of the governing Labour Party. Elections take place every decade, with the most recent being the 2015 election. The Governor is the head of state.

Tomares was formerly a dual colony of England and Spain. The independence process was started in 1947 and the Constitution of Tomares went into force on January 1 1950. Elections took place shortly afterwards.

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