Republic of Ular
Aranbu Ular

[[ ]]

Flag Emblem
Capital. Ular City
Official languages English, Ularian
 - President
George Douglas-Said
 - From the UK

15 May 1974
 - Total

35.5 km²
 - 2009 estimate
 - Density

Ularian pound

The Republic of Ular is a city-state in the Middle East, on the tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Ular is the only predominately Christian Middle Eastern country, and the only one with a majority of white citizens, though there is a sizable Arab Muslim minority as well. Ular has struggled to achieve real democracy and has had long periods of semi-authoritarian rule. The former office of Chief of State had many draconian powers, and political parties were banned.


In 2005, Chief of State Chad Henshaw was assassinated by an Islamic terrorist group devoted to placing Ular under Sharia law. His replacement was Amrahn Homnado, the ethnically Arab/Spanish Education Minister. Homnado promised economic and political reforms, including the legalisation of political parties. His reforms were halted by the August 2006 election of Richard Stubbs as the new Chief of State. In 2009, following reports of massive corruption and large demonstrations, the Ularian military took over in a coup. The military purged and prosecuted many corrupt officials and announced a new constitution, guaranteeing multiparty elections and a new office of President to replace the Chief of State, with new democratic safeguards. Elections under the new constitution were held on March 25, 2011.

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