Republic of Vinovia
Республика Виновия
Official Language(s): Vinovian
 - Prime-minister:
 - Chairman CC CPV:
Soviet Republic
Anatoli Dolgin
Nikolai Kardash

The Republic of Vinovia is the smaller of the two states on Terra II. It is a single-party soviet republic with a market socialist economy. The capital is West Vinovian city Dobrovody.


Before the Terran Federative Empire was founded, Vinovia was home to a tribe which spoke language unrelated to any other known language. People from the south established the ancient Kingdom of Vinovia, which gradually assimilated the local population. The Terran Federative Empire defeated the Kingdom of Vinovia, and turned Vinovia into new North Province. Vladimir Demidov was a vinovian socialist philosopher who was executed by order of the Terran Emperor. In year 1443, the Communist Party led Vinovia in successful rebellion against the empire, inspired by the writings of Demidov.


Vinovia is led by the Communist Party of Vinovia. The most important part of the party is the Revolutionary Council, which is comprised of the party members who led the rebellion against the Terran Federative Empire. The Central Committee of the Communist Party is comprised of all members of the Revolutionary Council and several representatives elected by all party members. The Politbiuro of the Communist Party researches policy for the Central Committee.

The parliament of Vinovia is the Supreme Soviet. Elections are held every four years. Vinovia is divided into 900 electoral districts, each of which has a party committee. Every election, 300 electoral districts are selected at random and any one can run in that district. In the remaining 600 electoral districts, the local party committee selects two candidates. Therefore, Supreme Soviet has always 600 deputies approved by a party committee and 300 independent who may or may not be party member.

Every four years is a congress of Communist Party, where is elected members of Central Committee. After that, the Central Committee elects a chairman who is the chief of the party. The Chairman of the Central Committee is usually a member of the Revolutionary Council. The head of government is the prime-minister, who is elected by all deputies of Supreme Soviet. The prime-minister forms a cabinet from deputies of Supreme Soviet. The Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and the Prime-minister of Vinovia are approximately having equal power.

Regions of Vinovia


Map of Vinovia

  • West Vinovia
  • East Vinovia
  • Islands of Solitude
  • Quviasuk
  • Qanniq


The most popular cult in Vinovia is the Cult of Mariena. Mariena is the godess of death. The most important temples are on the Islands of Solitude, and most tombs are there as well.

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