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Republic of Steve
The Republic
Motto: Faith In Our Leader
Anthem: All Hail The Republic
Capital Capitol
Official languages English
Demonym Republican
Government Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
• President
Steve Hanlon
• Head of Security
Nathaniel Hanlon
• Head of Education
Marcy Grossman
• Head of Interior
Arcade Gannon
Establishment 5th March 2277
• Census
Currency Republican Dollar (RED)

The Republic of Steve is a very small micro city state in the Former United States after the Great War of 2077. It was established on the 5th March 2277. The republic is named after its leader Steve. The name of the Republic changes over leadership, thus the country is mainly referred to as 'The Republic.'


The Republic has elections every 4 years, there has been controvercy over them as there has only been one candidate in the last two years.

The President is the head of the Republic and has the highest power.

The country is allied with the New Californian Republic, and enemied with Ceasars Legion.

The Republic Security Force

The Republic Security force protects the republic from outside dangers such as Raiders, Creatures and other post war civilizations and countries. The head fo the security force is Nathaniel Hanlon, son of the President. There are 10 members of the force, 5 full time and 5 reserve forces.

Immigration Bereau

Citizenship of the Republic is a lengthy procedure as the Republicans are very cautious about who they let into their community. Asylum seekers are accepted, with a 250 Cap/Dollar immigration fee.


The Republic has one school, which teaches ages from 5 to 15. The teacher of the school is Marcy Grossman, who is also head of Education.


The layout of the republic is inside a smallish fenced in area. There is a square in the middle of the area where there is a flag pole. North of this is the Capitol Building, which houses the President and the first lady and his office. To the West is the School. To the east the large mens and womens quarters which house 40 of the inhabitants.

There are separate restrooms which are located behinf the schoolhouse.

There is a brahmain pen where Brahmain are kept for food and milk. There is also a small field where crops are grown such as Maize, Agave Fruit etc.. are grown as the country is entirely self dependant.

There is also the General Store which sells produce and other pre-war loot.


The Republic is located in the far North of the former state of Nevada, north of New Reno and the Mojave Wasteland.

Propaganda Posters

Many propaganda posters are adopted from those from the Vaults as they were found by the settlers and used, and also NCR posters as they also fight for the NCR is times of emergency as their allies.