The Resnish Civil War was a war in Resnais, mainly between the Loyalists and Moralists.



Resnish Civil War








King Starväld I



  • Militia: 10000





Civilian casualties



Rising Tension

In the year 243, King Starväld I is coronated. Through acts done through the years, such as the Print Act (which taxed free speech) caused rising tension among the citizen body.

By 251, the King began executing in mass due to his fear of the people of Resnais. Some guards and military refused to continue to be loyal to the King and broke off. They formed the Moralists of Resnais. Those who stayed were called Loyalists.

The Battle of Stamfalé

At 255, The War begun. It began when a Moralist force struck the fort of Stamfalé. Despite the larger amount of Loyalists, the Moralists continued to gain ground due to superior arms. Within hours, they won.

The battle killed 1294 Moralists and 3749 Loyalists. 54 citizens were killed.

The War Rages on

For the first four years the war continued with relative ferocity. During this time, neither side could beat the other.


By 260CT, both sides were suffering a loss of morale and numbers.


By 260, the Moralists had less than 250000 men. This effect was further magnified by the fact they were successfully admitting less then 1000 men. This is due to the tough training methods.

Later, a militia was formed, in which over 10000 join in the remainder of the year. The militia had low standards in relative to the actual military, and most weapons and armor were makeshift.


The loyalists also had a large shortage of men. They filled the shortage with drafts. Despite that the drafted men weren't loyal to the King, and brawls were now common.

The End of War

By 261, the war is over and the Loyalists have dissolved. Despite this, some fringe groups formally Loyalist still raided small towns.

Post War Effects

The war had a largely negative effect on Resnais as a whole. It had killed almost a fourth of the population, most casualties being citizens. To stop another civil war, few acts were passed to weaken the king's power and form a freer government. These acts were called the 'Liberation Acts'.

The first liberation act was passed in 262. It's main cause was to lower the king's power. What it did was get rid of everything the King could do, and repeal everything Starväld I did. All the King could do post-liberation was to appoint a Stïov.

The second act was passed in 264. It established a Stïov as the main leader. The Stïov was appointed by the King but the appointment could be overridden by a majority vote.

The third and final act passed in 269 CT. It created the Resnish Console of Deciders, which was voted directly by the people. There were 10 members of this Console and for a Stïov to pass an act a majority of them had to approve.

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