The Resnish Coinsole of Deciders are a group of 10 who decide various things in the the Kingdom of Resnais. Each one is elected by the Majority vote.

Resnish Console of Deciders
The RCD logo
Abbreviation Console of Deciders, Deciders, RCD
Formation 269CT
Type Governmantal
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Decide Various things in Resnais
Membership 10
Parent organization Resnish Government
Staff 10
Website rcd.rsn


The Coinsole was established in 269, in the final liberation act. The act passed with extreme support with over 90% of the temporary Moralist government supporting the act. After this the Moralist government was dissolved and all former power was given to the Console.

270 Election

The 270 election was a mainly non-partizan election, as only 2 members even belonged to a party. The partizan members both belonged to the Liberation Party. At the 270 period, the biggest goal was to create a working government.