New Earth is Earth in the future, two centuries after WWIII.


In the future, towards the end of WWIII, the world was consumed in flames, [nuclear weapons] toppling large nations and eradicating smaller countries. Two-thirds of the human population was lost, and 95% of animal species were wiped out, plunging the world in an era called The Extinction Era, riddled with radiation for decades on end. Luckily for the survivors of the war, there was a way out.

After the war, a young scientist name Clasiel Babinski uncovered a new material simply named Amphiverus. This material was abundant and was filled with energy, causing electronics to work even from the early nineteenth century just by merely being near them. Clasiel found that it was produced after a nuclear explosion nearby his home, and began harvesting the new material to show to the world.

However, by the time word had gotten out about the Amphiverus, civilization was on the verge of social collapse. A small political party endorsed Clasiel’s Amphiverus and funded the founder’s work to make it usable for many, all the while keeping it from out of greedy hands of its rivals. The political party adopted the new name Clasiverus, and quickly began forming industries and a government.

It was thanks to the Amphiverus that a new nation named Panvola was built, and it was thanks to the new nation that a New Earth was established, for Clasiverus then began to experiment on the surviving animal species and began producing new creations to restore the environment.

Clasiel was however not pleased with Panvola, for he had been born American and therefore lived under the belief that democracy was the key to a thriving nation. Panvola wasn’t democratic and lived under a communist rule, because food was still scarce and the restoration of earth was still in early progress.

He defected from Panvola’s government after being denied to promote democracy, and formed a large resistance to change the government’s mind. The challenge was answered with a war now named the Panvolan Ascension, ending with a second nation being built, and Panvola territory being launched into the sky.


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Flora and Fauna

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