The Rhön is a river in western Rhöntal. Formed at Rhöngeburt by the confluence of the rivers Saar and Wakel, it flows through Münden until reaching Hackeberg, where it empties into the Han. The Rhön has an overall length of 225 km. Together with its Wakel tributary, which originates in Wakel County, its length is 496 km.

The name Rhön is often thought to derive from the Celtic word raino (=hilly), but numerous other interpretations are also possible.


The Rhön river is the most significant right tributary of the Han River draining all most all of Rhöntal. The Rhön starts in Rhöngeburt from where the upper part of its course leads through a hilly region called the Rhönwald. It extends from the confluence of the Saar and the Wakel to the Rhönklippen where the river leaves Firmar.

From Firmar the Rhön flows through the fertile plains of the Münden Province, passing through Redlingen, Rhönberg and finally Hackeberg where it discharges into the Han River


The tributaries of the Rhön (from source to mouth) are:



Notable towns

Towns along the Rhön, from the confluence of Wakel and Saar to the mouth, include: Rhöngeburt, Firmar, Redlingen, Rhönberg, Riexen, Prasseldorf, Hackeberg.

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