Protecting the Rothaur are an elite group of Imperial guards called the Rhash'm, meaning the Soulmates. The Raum believed that a Rau without his manhood is more focused and single-minded in performing his duty. In this case, the duty to protect the life of the Rothaur.


A Rhash is usually an orphan but occassionally an official would offer his child to the Emperor as a token of loyalty. A rau-boy beyond the age of 10 is not qualified for Rhash training. The selectors are veteran Rhash'm, who did not retire to the country. The selectors evaluate a boy by his looks, health, tone of voice and his body's suitability for both martial training and the arts of the gentle. If chosen, the boy is immediately castrated.

Training & Duties

The reason why a candidate for Rhash is evaluated on such things is because a Rhash has to be at the Emperor's side always. The Rothaur couldn't possibly be surrounded by odd-looking or even average-looking aides and elites. It is decided that this is for the best of the Empire's glory and pride. The Rhash'm has to make public appearances together with the Emperor in every event and occasion in and out of the Empire.

A Rhash must go to all length to safeguard the life of the Rothaur. He will taste the food for the Emperor first to detect poison. He will put his body before the Emperor before the assault of an assassin. He will handle every article that is presented to the Emperor before it was in the Emperor's hands. He will obey every command of the Rothaur no matter the consequences. He is to devote his entire life and affection to the Emperor.

Many assassins had been beguiled by the Rhash'm apparent effeminacy. They are themselves trained in the deadly arts by retired veteran Rhashm. They are trained to handle every weapon there is in the world, and improvise in every situation possible in order to protect the Emperor. Self-sacrifice is always the ready option.

Gentle Arts

They are also trained in the gentle arts to par with the grandeur of the Emperor. They are to keep long hair and to be well groomed at all times. They are taught embroidery and tailoring so that they could make clothes beautiful enough to fade behind the glory of the Emperor. They are taught to sing all the ballad there is in the Empire and to dance from the graceful sworddances to the sophisticated loredances. This is so that they could entertain the Emperor and sometimes his guests, and the Rhash'm are famous for their mastery in song and dance throughout the world.

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