Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 461.3199 Terran days
564.54 Rhean days
Orbital axis 158,131,694 km
Physical characteristics
Rotation period 19 h 43 min
Mean diameter 13385 km
562,800,000 km²
504,300,000 km²
58,500,000 km²
Surface gravity 10.320 m/s²
Axial tilt 14.42°

148 K
259 K
308 K
Atmospheric pressure (at MSL) 1040 mbar
0 (as of 2005)
Countries none recognized (according to UN)

Rhea is a planet of Saturn. It is inhabitable near the equator.


Rhea has extensive plate tectonics and some hot spots. Only few places have average diurnal temperatures greater than 273 K.

Human plans

Many people, organizations and countries would like to colonize Rhea. Barack Obama promised to create permanent US settlements on Rhea, Dione, Mimas, Ganymede, Callisto & Europa if he was elected in 2008.

View from Earth

The position angle as measured from Saturn is the key to visibility for two reasons:

  • the primary source of light in Rhea is Saturn; to see Rhea, one has to see the side of it illuminated by Saturn;
  • when approaching the same line of sight with Saturn, visibility of Rhea is inhibited by the greater glare of Saturn.

The greatest angular separation between Saturn and Rhea is 0.0080 rad (0.46 degrees).

While Saturn passes in front of Rhea, a maximum apparent magnitude of 3.6 is reached. However, angular proximity to Saturn makes observation by the simplest methods impossible: normally Rhea is seen best with a magnitude somewhat over 4, while being further.

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