Richard Allen Murdock
Richard Murdock
Official portrait
2nd Director of the League of Ruling Companies
Assumed office
March 17, 1973
Preceded by Horatio Murdock
Personal details
Born5 April, 1950 (age 52)
Manchester, United Kingdom
Spouse(s)Gloria Murdock
ProfessionInfomation Broker
Richard Murdock is the Director of the League of Ruling Companies, and the head of the Interior Union. He is the son of the original founder of the League, Horatio Murdock, and the man elected by the other corporate heads after his father's death in 1973. Murdock has lead the League through the latter half of what was known as the "Pax Economica", or the "economic peace". While his rivals include Kazuko Ariwasa and Rollace Willams, the heads of the League's two largest corporations, he managed to keep his position secure by playing them against each other, while increasing the strength of his own company.


Political Stances

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