Headquarters 14 Handlers Plats, Sommertunn, Westland
Established 1923
President Karlotta Kuðmann
Central bank of Westland
Currency Westlandic Krona
ISO 4217 Code VSK
Website www.rikasbanki.vs
Preceded by Landsbanki
Rikasbanki is the state-owned Central Bank of Westland and sole commercial bank. It has served in the capacity since 1923, when it was created as the sole monetary issuer and commercial bank of Westland, as to avoid the corruption and complications of the banking sector. It was created under a clause of the 1923 Constitution. 

Rikasbanki is the sole issuer of the Westlandic Krona in note form after coins were abolished. It is directly answerable to the Westlandic government, and is regulated as a part of the Industry and Finance Ministry. Rikasbanki has not right in itself to regulate monetary policy or interest rates, which are organised by the ministry. Rikasbanki is the only commercial bank of Westland, meaning that all citizens with a bank account are using the bank. Rikasbanki has over 250 local branches, in addition to over 320 cashpoints located across Westland. 

Rikasbanki is regulated by a seven member panel who are selected by the National Council at the start of each 5 year parliamentary term. The panel aids, regulates and scrutinises the Governor of the Bank in the running of it. The Governor is selected by the panel and may be changed at anytime. 

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