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Type State Owned Company
Founded Sommertunn, Westland
(4 July 1932)
Area served Westland
Key people Marvig Johannesson
Industry Energy, Utilities, Home Services
Employees 89,000
Subsidiaries Renewable Energy Westland
Website www.rikasenergi.vs
Rikasenergi is the state owned energy and home services provider in Westland. Rikasenergi is wholly owned by the Westlandic government, and is tasked with managing and providing public utility services to all Westlandic homes, developing and maintaining the Westlandic national grid and energy infrastructure and working towards an increased renewable energy percentage. Rikasenergi provides Water, Electricity and Gas to all homes, and is funded through general taxation.

Rikasenergi is funded through general taxation, in a system in which the government provides necessities, including home utilities, to the public for free at time of use. To be able to be provided with these services, a person must be the home owner, a tax-paying citizen of Westland and have a fixed address.


Power Generation

List of Power Generation Stations