Wessex Swiss Alliance
Members of the WSA
Motto 'Neutrality through Liberty'
Formation 2011
Purpose/focus Economic Support and Security
Headquarters Bern, Switzerland
Official languages English
Director Gordon Klimt
Deputy Director Simonetta Jorgand
The Wessex-Swiss Alliance (WSA) is an economic alliance currently between the Republic of Wessex and Switzerland. Set up in 2011 with the Treaty of Bristol to aid the developing country of Wessex, and to form new bonds between the two neutral and liberal countries with similar policies.


There are two leadership positions within WSA, namely the Director, currently Wessen politician Gordon Klimt , the Deputy Director, currently Swiss politician Simonetta Jorgand. The two Directors act as administrators of the alliance. Other, smaller organizations also make part of the alliance, these are;

  • Wessex-Swiss International Courts of Justice (WSICJ)
  • Wessex-Swiss Defence Council (WSDC)
  • Wessex-Swiss Economic Council (WSEC)


The Alliance has been criticised by saying that the alliance violates both the countries neutral policies, both nations have said that it is not an alliance with a world superpower, and therefore the countries remain neutral, and that the alliance is betwen two neutral nations.