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Rise of Antimagic

The mage-priests' defeat at the hands of the guilds prompted a resurgence of the anti-intellectuals, who claimed that the empire's willingness to use magic - a thing of the gods and not for humans - had brought this setback upon them. The empire was overthrown, and in its place arose several luminances who had different beliefs about the role of magic in society. Two of the luminances favored some use of magic, and the other luminances turned against them, waging a war where one side used magic overtly and the other used it covertly; where one side used it to do good in public view, and the other used it to do evil in public view. The anti-magic luminances however had the advantage of numbers, and won this First Antimagic War.

With their victory, the mage-priests stopped being mage-priests and reverted to being just plain priests. In fact, as a result of the propaganda in use over the course of the war, including many instances of using magic to catastrophic ends (by the anti-magic side) that gave magic a bad rap, pretty much everyone in Origina had become disillusioned with magic, and magic for any use whatsoever was outlawed. The suppression of magic was therefore done without any magical support, but relying solely on the power of brainwashing via Luminarism and the priests' control of the government. And so it would be, with this altered form of the Dica outlawing any magic in Luminarian lands for the next thousand years.

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